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(from May to September)

Easy run (equipment includes, 3 persons at least):
"Chupa Chups"
(3h) 42,5 Euro, "Spity Gonzales" (3h) 45 Euro

Average Run (equipment includes, 3 persons at least):
"Buccia di Banana"
(5h) 50 Euro

Higer Run (equipment includes, 3 persons at least):
"Freddo Cagnaccio"
(all day) 100 Euro

(from April to June and from September to October):

3h Run (equipment includes, 3 persons at least):
"Le Gole"
30 Euro
"Le Gole"by night
35 Euro

1 Day run (equipment includes, 3 persons at least):
"Giorno in Fiume"
55 Euro

2 Days run: (equipment includes,6 persons at least):
"River Trip"
100 Euro

(from April to Oct.):

Week-end (6 persons at least): 125 Euro (all includes)

5 days (6 persons at least): 300 Euro (all includes)

Week-end classes: 130 Euro, equipment includes

5 days classes (monday/friday): 135 Euro, equipment includes

Private lessons (1 hour): 20 Euro
Group lessons (3h): 30 Euro
Lessons on eskimo technique: 15 Euro

River descent with a guide:
"Confiente-SOS" or "SOS-Garilli": 12,5 Euro
"Salsominore-SOS" or "SOS-Berlina": 25 Euro
"Salsominore-berlina": 50 Euro
Hiring of kayak equipment for courses attendant: 10 Euro

Hiring daily kayak equipment: 17,5 Euro

Shuttle-bus service: 10 Euro

(April to October)

Group lessons (3 persons at least): 30 Euro, equipment includes

Week-end classes (3 persons at least): 60 Euro, equipment includes

Classes weekly (monday/friday): 150 Euro

(March to November)

Hire: one day: 12,5 Euro ½ day: 7,5 Euro 1 hour: 2,5 Euro

Day trip (3 persons at least): 50 Euro, guide includes

Shuttle-bus service: from 20 to 50 Euro

Hostel (from April to October):

Overnight stay with personal sleeping-bag and pillow-case: 13,5 Euro, includes breakfast

Sheet and pillow-case: 2,5 Euro

Dinner: 12,5 Euro

Annual card: 2,5 Euro

We realize multisport programs

We suggest you to reserve one week before

For booking is required a fax conferme to +39 0523934311
The periods suggest for sport activity can andergo changes in consequence of weather conditions

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